Alaska Honeymoon Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Take an Alaska Honeymoon Cruise

Some couples are happy with a short honeymoon trip, not realizing that you can take an exciting and wonderful adventure cruise to Alaska for not much more money than you would spend in a hotel for a few days. Instead of wasting your honeymoon exploring a theme park, why not consider spending it seeing sights that are so magnificent that they will take your breath away? If you want to go further than you've ever imagined, think about the possibilities of an Alaska cruise.

On an Alaska honeymoon cruise, you can enjoy all the luxury of a great cruise ship while viewing the majesty of Alaska firsthand. Stand on deck and listen to the thunder of an Alaskan glacier calving, dropping a hundred-ton chunk into the sea. Experience national parks much larger than several states where you will see magnificent moose and bear in their natural habitat. On a cruise ship, you get to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Your First Alaska Cruise

A good first choice for an Alaska cruise is a trip to the Gulf of Alaska. This cruise offers you a chance to see the glaciers up close and also gives you plenty of time to explore Alaska with pre-planned tours. While ashore, you will stay at some of the finest of lodges for your Alaska experience.

When you're ready to book your cruise, do some research on the Internet. Here you will find dozens of sites offering discounted rates. The earlier you start your search, the better the rates will be. Take into account the cost of getting to the embarkation point, most of which are obviously on the northern west coast. If you want a unique, exciting, and very romantic honeymoon, an Alaska cruise might be for you.

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