Alaska Princess Cruise

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Much of Alaska's beauty can be found along its grand coastline, and only the Alaska Princess cruise can take you there. You'll find wildlife both afloat and ashore on this sleek ship, plying the Alaskan coast. Explore the 49th state both ashore and at sea with cruise vacation packages offering passengers an opportunity to look up at Denali (the highest mountain in North America), to observe American Bald Eagles soaring overhead, to envelop themselves with breathtaking surroundings, and to get up close and personal with a calving glacier. Luxury seekers and families of all ages will also find areas to explore even if it's only the ships' relaxing spa.

For lovers of natural wonders, nothing beats experiences encountered while onboard an Alaskan cruise vacation, which is specifically catered to such passengers with nature passions. You may spot pods of whales or families of brown bears eating freshly caught salmon. Away from the big buzz of stressful metropolitan cities, one can easily appreciate and fall in love with Alaska's serene, natural beauty.

Alaska Princess Cruise and What to Expect

The Alaska Princess cruise also incorporates a stay in a beautiful mountain and wilderness lodge to go along with its sea-scape adventure. Cruise shore excursions can cover great distances with lots of activity, such as hiking, fishing, or just exploring breathtaking National Parks, like the Denali and the Kenai. One Alaskan highlight would be to view the highest mountain in the US, called Mount McKinley. After all your exploring and discovering, you can take advantage of the cruise experience, by recovering and relaxing from your active land tour.

Cold winter weather prevents Alaska from being a year-round cruise destination. Usually the cruise ship season flows from early May through late September. The weather is usually at its warmest in June, July and August. May and June tend to be the driest times, for rain can happen at anytime. In the late and early seasons passengers can run the risk of tricky weather conditions, but the ports of call are likely to be less crowded, and prices are somewhat cheaper. A big plus to Alaskan vacation cruises is brilliantly long, daylight hours, known as the "midnight sun."

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