Antarctica Trips

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Antarctica trips, like Arctic travel, can be as rugged or sheltered as you wish. Ocean liners routinely and regularly schedule summer tours around the southern seas, but they must stay away from the icebergs that frequently break off and drift north from Antarctica. They also are only able to dock in the larger, safer harbors and ports.

These passenger ships make good time on Antarctica trips from northern ports to their destinations among the southern lands near South America. For those who want to have a warm cabin and all the amenities of home, these ships are ideal. Their time-saving Antarctica cruises enable visitors to view these exotic lands and their millions of seabirds and penguins without jeopardizing their safety.

Antarctica Trips for Explorers

Just as adventurers take on the wilds of the Arctic with only skis and a few supplies, explorers make the trek onto the ice sheet that is Antarctica. People who are brave enough to risk the perils of the journey fly into Punta Arenas, Chile, usually from Santiago, and gather supplies and last-minute replacements for lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. The polar sleds used are, surprisingly, rather fragile; small scratches can make for a tough pull, so they are often packed for shipment in wooden boxes and nestled among soft sleeping bags.

Permits might be required from the countries claiming the territories trekkers will be traversing. The wait for a flight to Antarctica may be long. Weather is often bad in southern Chile and on Antarctica. Patriot Hills is the base camp on Antarctica for ice trekkers, penguin watchers, and climbers, and the ice airstrip must be in good shape for plane landings. Aside from the fierce weather and winds, crevasses are another big hazard. Despite the obvious dangers and grueling conditions, more and more adventurers are electing to make Antarctica trips on foot.

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