Arctic Travel

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Arctic travel at the present time is largely restricted to visitors who enter the more southerly sections of the region via cruise ships, or passengers on North Pole icebreakers, which can sail straight to the top of the world. Despite the millions of miles of frozen land and ocean, this is a region that belongs to sea travel. Only a few audacious explorers venture far on the ice fields.

Arctic travel is increasingly popular, as travelers aboard Russian icebreakers explore remote spots that few people have seen. Dominated by tundras, sweeping lowlands where wildlife roams in summer, the region has high ice plateaus and mountains with spectacular glaciers. Greenland, the earth's largest island, is actually a plateau entirely covered by a vast ice sheet, except along its coast.

Arctic Travel in a Special Region

Travelling on icebreakers presents an affordable, comfortable alternative to the large, expensive cruise ships that must remain in ice-free waters. Destinations include Russia's Far East and Wrangel Island, a nature reserve few people have visited. The Northwest Passage is still a draw for those who want to follow the historic Amundsen Route on an icebreaker.

Another expedition takes you to Ellesmere Island, Tanquary Fjord, and the coast of Greenland--some of the most isolated territories in the world. From ice diving in Franz Joseph Land and the North Pole, to ski trips on the frozen Arctic Ocean, Arctic travel presents you with endless exciting activities to choose from. Fabulous vistas of Greenland, Iceland, Labrador, Newfoundland, and Spitsbergen await you on the outer reaches of the Arctic, and thrilling adventures beckon on trips through the Northwest Passage on powerful icebreakers.

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Northwest Passage cruises.

I would like to travel on a supply ship or ice breaker from Russia or Alaska to Iceland, then fly home to Vancouver, BC. Can you supply me with information, dates and prices? Thanks for your help.

Canada Ken