Baltic Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Considering a Baltic Cruise?

If you've ever thought about taking a Baltic cruise, now is the right time to start thinking about booking it. There are two ways to cruise the Baltic area. You can take a cruise on the Baltic sea or your can enjoy a cruise along the Rhine, Danube, and Main Rivers. Either way, your cruise will be a journey of enchantment as you visit centuries old cities and explore the heart of Europe.

Your Baltic Sea cruise will take you through Scandinavia, where you will be able to learn about its exciting Viking past. You may visit St. Petersburg where you can explore the wonders of Czarist Russia, whose marvels have bequeathed to us incredible palaces and unique museums. Helsinki, Finland, offers starkly modern architecture and relaxing saunas and some of the best-preserved ancient towns on the continent.

Baltic River Cruises

If you select a Baltic river cruise, you will enjoy the luxury of a smaller ship. You will likely find that most smaller ships have larger cabins and a higher staff-to-guest ratio than larger cruise ships. You may also experience a slower pace which will allow you more time to explore the cities and towns along the way.

Some ports you might see include Vienna, Austria, and Budapest, Hungary. In Germany, you can visit Cologne, Koblenz, and Heidelberg. Baltic River cruises are great for the incurable romantic in you, and Europeans often take them as honeymoon cruises. Check for cruise reviews, and you will find that a Baltic cruise along the inland rivers is rated very high as a way to see most of Central Europe without the stress of having to pack and unpack every night or bump along on a packed bus craning your neck to see out the window.

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