Bermuda Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Bermuda grass, Bermuda shorts and Bermuda cruises: three great things from the island of pink sand. This little patch of paradise, comprising just 21 square miles, has long been a favorite destination for cruise ships and the travelers who love them. Here you'll find the perfect blend of tropical exotica and familiar comforts

The island was claimed by England and settled in the early 1600s. English is the primary language, and English traditions still abound. There is a strong strain of African culture as well, manifested in island cooking, the African Diaspora Heritage Trail, and living cultural customs such as gombay dancing.

Bermuda Cruises Combine History and Hedonism

Bermuda is rich in history, and careful about preserving it. Old Town St. George has been named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations, and everywhere you turn, you will find evidence of the islands magnificent heritage. The arts are well represented as well. But when you tire of "culture," a vast array of entertainments await you: golf, snorkeling, zipping around on a motor scooter or just lolling on the beach with an umbrella drink.

Bermuda cruises are very popular as honeymoon destinations. The island is easily accessible from major East Coast cities, the language is familiar, the weather is perfect year-round, and with all that, it's still a tropical getaway. Bermuda cruises are highly affordable, due in part to the island's geographical nearness and to a favorable exchange rate. And yes, the beaches really are pink!

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