Caribbean Cruise Vacations

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Allow the crystal-clear, turquoise waters, the enchanting, snowy white beaches, and the unspoiled, natural, tropical splendor of dense, verdant mountains lure you on Caribbean cruise vacations. Enjoy the land bound fun of a jeep safari tour, hiking, or discover an ancient Mayan city on horseback. There are splendid rainforests, natural waterfalls, and thrilling nightlife. Water sports lovers can sail on a catamaran, swim with stingrays, and dive among colorful coral reefs and ancient shipwrecks. Whatever your taste, there are so many unique experiences and cruise shore excursions to choose from, that you are bound to find something to perk your interest.

These days, for the same reason that this tropical region is a top notch choice for first-time cruisers, veteran visitors may yawn at the thought of yet another cruise ship vacation to the Caribbean. That's because the some ports of call in the Caribbean can feel tourist-developed. For those that like well-planned activities, from duty-free shopping to water sports to historic sites, they can certainly take advantage of those opportunities. In many cases, some might feel, a visit to these places may not feel all that exotically Caribbean. However, don't be fooled, The Caribbean can reveal lots of surprises, from isolated beaches to hidden gourmet restaurants. You just have to make an effort to look beyond the obvious.

Things You Should Know Before Taking Caribbean Cruise Vacations

The Caribbean offers the most choice for cruise vacations, of all the destinations in the whole world. Almost every cruise line, offers some type of itinerary that either touches a port or two or concentrates on it. Furthermore, Caribbean cruise vacations depart from the major jumping-off points, Ft. Lauderdale's Port Everglades and Miami, and other East Coast ports ranging from Charleston to New York City. If time is an issue for you, Caribbean cruise ship vacations range from the short but sweet, three or four night excursions to ten nights and more.

The Caribbean's high season typically starts in December and goes until April, beckoning numerous people who want to escape winter in the U.S., Europe and Canada. While many cruse lines arrange to send their ships to other warmer weather destinations for cruising, year-round itineraries in the Caribbean can also be found. The only big difference between winter and summer in the Caribbean is slightly warmer weather, but it's not as scorchingly hot in summer as you might think. If you are looking for a great cruise vacation deals, cruise lines offer the best bargains for the fall and summer travelers. However, from June 1 - November 30, hurricanes may happen, particularly in August, September and October, which can ruin your cruise vacation.

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