Caribbean Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Caribbean cruises--now there's a phrase that covers a whole lot of territory, and all of it located somewhere in Paradise. Where would you like to go: Cozumel, Nassau, Barbados? Would you like to investigate ancient Mayan ruins or lie on a beach sipping something cool and rum-laden? There's something for every taste on Caribbean cruises, as long as your taste includes sand, sun and sparkling blue water.

From the earliest explorers to the couple married yesterday, travelers have found the Caribbean irresistible. The Caribbean National Rainforest in Puerto Rico contains a waterfall thought for many ages to be the legendary Fountain of Youth. But El Yunque, as the forest is known, has no exclusive claim on rejuvenation. No matter what your chronological age might be, in the Caribbean it's always Spring Break.

Caribbean Cruises: Fun in the Sun

There are about as many reasons for travel as there are destinations and travelers. The attraction might be history, architecture, culture, nature, sport or adventure. Certainly all those attractions exist in the Caribbean. But let's face it: you don't go to Aruba to visit the museums. On Caribbean cruises you dance to exotic rhythms with a hibiscus behind your ear, watch palm trees sway from under the shade of a straw hat, and drink something sweetly potent from a pineapple shell.

If you want something more physically challenging, the Caribbean offers world-class snorkeling as well as airborne sports such as hang gliding and parasailing. Or you could join the crew on a sailing ship and heave to like a legendary pirate. With such a wide geographical range and so many activities to choose from, the only constant is that you'll have a great time.

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