Cruise Agents

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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90% of cruise travelers use Cruise agents to book their cruise line vacations. Booking a cruise means arranging for your transportation, cabins, entertainment, dining, and more. The process can be confusing for first timer cruisers, especially given terms like "outside" and" inside" cabins, and "late seating" and "main seating." Great cruise agents will make sure you choose a suitable ship, the right cabin and the right itinerary, guaranteeing a stress-free holiday experience.

Know that not all cruise agents deal with all cruise lines. They may limit their product to one luxury line, one mass-market line, one mid-priced line, and so forth. However, your agent should still offer adequate diversity, to appropriately guide you in the direction of your cruise ship vacation choice. Interview the agent, and don't hesitate to ask which cruises and how many cruises he or she has experienced. Move on to another agent, if you don't feel comfortable with that particular one.

Great Cruise Agents

Good cruise agents should be able to impart to you free upgrades, group rates, amenities options, discounts, and shipboard credits. Make sure you to ask your agent if there are any special deals or packages available. Also, special promotional discounts are faxed daily to cruise agents, so they are always informed of the on going cruise deals. He or she should be informed about your interests, lifestyle, travel experience, budget, etc., so that he or she can advise you about your best possible cruise choices.

How do you find a good cruise agent? You can start with asking someone you know who has been on a cruise before, if they can suggest someone they like. In addition to that, in order to guarantee cruise expertise, go to an agency specializing in cruises, or find a cruise professional, an agent who concentrates in cruises. Ask for the cruise desk, if you end up phoning a regular travel agency.

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