Cruise Around The World

Written by Sarah Provost
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Would you like to cruise around the world in 80 days? How about 120 days? What ports of call would you like to visit: Africa, the Far East, Australia, Antarctica, Hawaii? Where would you like to begin and end? Would you prefer to relax on a luxurious yacht, help sail a schooner or take a berth on a working freighter?

Planning Is Essential for a Cruise Around the World

With all the choices available for those who want to cruise around the world, planning becomes of primary importance. Your first decisions, of course, will concern your itinerary. If you've always longed to see Machu Picchu, Iceland and the firths of Scotland, you'll need to plan a very different cruise from the person who most wants to visit London, Rome and the French Riviera.

Itinerary, however, is only the beginning. If you're visiting many different places, you'll need to familiarize yourself with the laws and traditions of each destination. What are the customs regulations in Egypt? Can you use a credit card in Borneo? Where is a cash tip expected and where would it be an insult? Should you order ohukaiset from a menu in Finland or vetkoek in South Africa? (Oh, go ahead--they're pancakes and cornbread, respectively.)

Health issues are also extremely important when preparing to cruise around the world. Be sure you know what immunizations are necessary, how you can get needed medications, where the water is safe to drink and where you need to brush your teeth with club soda! Once you've done all your homework, you can set sail with confidence that you'll have that dream cruise you've always wanted.

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