Cruise Destinations

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cruise destinations vary widely, but generally fall into one of several categories. Tropical islands may be what most come to mind with the word "cruise," but there are also adventure cruises to Alaska and the icy fjords of Finland. Cultural cruises may focus on art, for instance, and have as their destinations the great museums of Europe. A naturalist cruise might take you to the Galapagos Islands. And then there's the "cruise to nowhere," which recognizes that the cruise itself is a destination.

There Are Cruise Destinations for Every Traveler

If you're a literature buff, for example, you might want to cruise the Greek islands, following the path described in The Odyssey--especially since you no longer have to worry about running into the Cyclops! If surfing is more your style, try the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Devotees of fine dining might want to visit four-star restaurants in France, and follow that with a fitness cruise!

The first decision you have to make when considering cruise destinations is the purpose of your travel. Do you simply want to relax and recharge your batteries? Then it's probably the tropics for you. Would you like your vacation to be a learning experience? Choose from one of the many cruises that offer on-board seminars in art, history, or the natural sciences. Are you looking for a physical thrill? Will kayaking in Iceland or hang gliding in Hawaii do it?

Maybe you choose your cruise destinations primarily to say, "I've been there!" The Joneses may have been to Cabo, but not to Malta or Singapore, Egypt or New South Wales. Unless your dream destination is the mountains of Tibet or the Siberian tundra, you can find a cruise to take you there.

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