Cruise Hawaii

Written by Sarah Provost
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Aloha! You join a great tradition of cruising when you cruise Hawaii. From the Big Island to Kauai, Hawaii has always been one of the most popular cruise vacations. Who could resist the allure of tropical nights, white sands, and welcoming people?

Each Island Is its Own World when You Cruise Hawaii

Start with the Big Island. According to Polynesian legend, the goddess Pele gave birth to the island through a volcano. That volcano, Kilauea, is still active today, producing huge black lava fields that contrast effectively with the island's gorgeous white beaches, emerald green rain forests and sparkling waterfalls. Eat poi at a luau, watch the whales frolic offshore, and know that you're having the Hawaii experience!

Maui is next, with its green central valley slung between the two volcanoes that created it. Snorkeling, whale-watching and golf provide a change when you're tired of lying on perfect beaches. Maui is highly developed, which is a contrast to its neighbor Molokai. You won't find high-rise resorts and crowded luaus here. Instead, you'll find Hawaii's longest beach--and it will be nearly empty. Molokai is the destination of choice for those who cruise Hawaii looking for the original unspoiled Eden.

If Waikiki isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Hawaii, then Honolulu probably is, and both can be found on the island of Oahu. On Oahu you'll find shopping, snorkeling, surfing, golf and kayaking. With Pearl Harbor and museums dedicated to plantation history, Oahu is often a prime destination for those interested in history. Whether you visit one of these main islands or the smaller islands of Kauai and Lanai, you'll find yourself part of the Aloha spirit when you cruise Hawaii.

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