Cruise Reviews

Written by Diane Sievert
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All vacations are a big deal, so it makes sense to do a little research before booking your cruise. Unfortunately, looking over the brochures from the various cruise lines isn't always enough. Check out some impartial cruise reviews to get the whole story.

Why Bother with Cruise Reviews?

Expense alone isn't enough to determine the quality of a cruise. The most expensive vacations aren't necessarily the best. Also, some of the cheaper vacation packages might offer everything you're looking for.

Remember all those smiling faces you saw on the brochure? Those were models paid to look happy. Don't fall prey to excellent advertising -- read a few cruise reviews so you know what you're getting into.

When you go to do your research, search for cruise reviews that contain lots of detail. Empty praise like, "We had a wonderful time!" doesn't really tell you much. You want to look for more specifics like, "The food was great and the service was spectacular!" so you can get the best impression possible.

It is best to find one source that has been on many different cruise lines and many different ships so you have a single frame of reference for comments and reviews. If you find a ship review from such a source on a ship you've sailed on and you agree with the review, you now have a common frame of reference and you can trust the other ship that the reviewer likes or dislikes. Comments and reviews from different people are often hard to interpret. Two people reviewing the same meal may give you two totally different reviews. It's important to choose a reliable review source.

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