Cruise Tours

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cruise tours can take you to nearly any destination in the world, from Acapulco to Zanzibar. But choosing a destination is only your first decision. Cruise lines today offer an amazing variety of specialized tours, so you can combine, say, County Cork with handicrafts, Rio with astronomy or Anchorage with personal finance.

The most popular of the specialized cruise tours fall into several categories. Cultural and educational tours might include seminars on folklore, literature or opera, fine art or applied sciences. Sports and fitness cruise tours range from windsurfing to aerobics to golf (both onboard and ashore.) Theme cruises include murder mysteries, Broadway-style theater, self-improvement (both physical and mental), food and wine, or music from gospel to polka.

Cruise Tours for Specific Types of Passengers

Cruise tours can be tailored along yet another line. In addition to destination and theme, you can find cruise tours especially aimed at single travelers, honeymooners, persons with special needs, first-time cruisers and families. A cruise for single travelers would offer such activities and amenities as mixers, single-share programs and dance hosts. A cruise aimed at families might offer babysitting, a teen center, video games and swimming lessons. For honeymooners, it's all about romance.

How do you put all these various elements together to create the perfect cruise tour for you? There are several ways to organize your search. You can start with a specific cruise line, such as Princess, Cunard or Carnival. You could access the tourist board for your chosen destination. You could use any of the myriad travel-agency sites. Or you could access a site dedicated to the travel industry, such as the Cruise Lines International Association. There you can search by destination or special interest and find a listing of all cruises, whether from a giant like Carnival or a tiny specialized line, that meet your needs.

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