Cruise Travel

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cruise travel is probably the most luxurious, most convenient, most exciting and most romantic mode of travel. And now that cruises have gained in popularity and cruise lines have responded to the need, they are no longer the most expensive. Over seven million people a year are taking cruises. Why not you?

First-Time Cruise Travel

If this is your first experience with cruise travel, what do you need to know? For starts, what's included in a cruise package? This varies, but in most cases, your cruise package will include accommodations, food and all on-board activities. Shore excursions are usually not included, nor are alcoholic beverages or casino expenses. Air travel to the place of embarkation may or may not be part of the package; check your specific cruise.

This inclusiveness is part of the overall convenience of cruise travel. Though you may be touring many different places, you only have to unpack once. No more hassle finding nightly hotel rooms or figuring out the train schedule between locales. You get on the boat in one place, get off in another, then get back on again to go to the next destination. Easy.

You don't have to make travel decisions once you've decided on your cruise package, but there are still a lot of choices to be made. You can choose to lie back in a deck chair and be pampered, or you can opt for the go-go-go experience with rock-climbing walls, exercise classes and scuba lessons. You can choose from a dozen or more dining options on the larger boats, along with more entertainments than you might be able to pack in. While a cruise ship takes you from city to city, it is itself a city on the sea.

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