Cruise Travel Planning

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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For those who haven't taken an organized vacation or tour, or haven't traveled much, cruise travel planning can be a big challenge. The most important factor in cruise travel planning, aside from choosing a destination, is to think about what pleases you and choose your cruise accordingly. Ships come in all sizes and shapes. There are really small ships, almost like a private yacht, small ships carrying a few hundred, or huge ones with thousands of passengers. There are sailing ships and ocean liners. There are icebreakers that can cut through ice in the Arctic and Antarctic. There are jungle cruises in the Amazon or riverboats that travel the Danube, Mississippi, Yangtze, Nile, Volga, or Rhine or the remote. Some ships have casinos, some do not; some have cabaret shows, others have lectures; some are informal some are formal. Many cruises have themes from golf to opera to wine tasting to Europe gardens. Whatever interests you, you most probably can find a cruise with that theme.

To save some sanity, usually it is a good idea to let the cruise line reserve your flight. "Fly-cruise" packages are available on most cruise lines. The "fly-cruise" price will usually include transportation to and from the airport and ship. The cruise line will also customarily transport your baggage directly to your cabin. Furthermore, it is a good idea to let the cruise line book your flight, because the ship will wait for late arriving flights. The reason being that there will probably be other cruisers on your cruise line-booked flight, therefore the ship is more likely to delay departure, if your flight and other passengers are arriving late. You might want to arrive at the departure city a day early, if you decide to book independently or to use frequent-flyer miles for a flight. This way, you will prevent the stress of distressing about flight problems, whether they are mechanical or weather related. You don't want to be left behind.

Information on Cruise Travel Planning

When you are vacation cruise planning, you will also need to decide what kind of vacation you want this to be, in order to choose the right kind of cruise that will suit you. Who is coming on this trip? You and a loved one, you and your family, you and your other single friends etc. Some say that cruise vacations are the best kind of family vacation. There are some adult cruise vacations, if you don't have children or don't want to be around them while on vacation. There are romantic getaway vacations, if you want to add a little romance in your life. There are also singles cruise vacations, for those who want to meet other singles. Whatever the case, you will be able to discover a cruise that will give any age group an unforgettable vacation holiday. All age groups are planned for and welcome.

The most difficult decision in cruise travel planning is usually deciding on a cruise destination. Some areas have brief cruising seasons. If you are going to the Mediterranean, some ships cruise there year-round, but summer is the high season. If you decide to go to the tropics, you can make your cruise planning a little easier. The temperature will not change much with the seasons. What does change is the amount of rainfall. The rainy season for most tropical places, like Hawaii and the Caribbean is in the winter, and the dry season is in the summer. If you are going to Northern Europe or Alaska, you will have to travel between May and September, for example. If either of these is your chosen destination, you will avoid the crowds and save a little, if you go at the end or beginning of the cruise season.

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