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Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Here is some cruise vacation info to make your cruise preparation a little easier. Your first step in vacation cruise planning is asking yourself these six simple questions: who, what, when, where, how Long and how Much. For those who haven't taken an organized vacation or tour, or haven't traveled much, cruise travel planning can be a big challenge. Ships come in all sizes and shapes. There are really small ships, almost like a private yacht, small ships carrying a few hundred, or huge ones with thousands of passengers. There are also sailing ships and ocean liners. Ask yourself who is coming on this trip? You and a loved one, you and your other single friends, you and your family etc. You will need to decide what kind of vacation you want this to be, in order to choose the right kind of cruise that will suit you.

Some say that cruise vacations are the best kind of family vacation. There are some adult cruise vacations, if you don't have children or don't want to be around them while on vacation. There are also singles cruise vacations, for those who want to meet other singles. There are romantic getaway vacations, if you want to add a little romance to your life. Whatever the case, you will be able to discover a cruise that will give any age group an unforgettable vacation holiday. All age groups are planned for and welcome. If you are looking to save some money, most likely there are cruise vacation packages and deals available for all of these types of cruises. There are minimums, but there are no maximums as to how much you can spend. You can reduce prices by booking early or getting last minute deals by booking late. The minimum price on "mainstream" cruise line vacations seem to average about $500 per week.

Cruise Vacation Info You Will Need

Let's say you've chosen a cruise. Before you book cruise vacations, you can obtain lists of cruise shore excursions offered by cruise lines either through your travel agent or through the Internet. You may be asked to book the shore adventures shortly after embarkation, if you did not choose your shore activities before the cruise. South Pacific and Caribbean cruises offer ocean and beach sports and island excursions. European cruise vacations often offer museum or city tours and other cultural experiences. There are a lot more activities like scuba diving, hiking, or other water sports or you can do something more relaxing like, sit on the deck and take pleasure in the view. If you must go flight seeing over a volcano, a personal tour of the Vatican, or go cliff diving in the Caribbean, ask if you can reserve space in advance, because some excursions have limited space, due to popularity.

Here is some cruise vacation info that will help you narrow down your options when choosing a destination for your cruise. You are probably restricted to Mexico or the Bahamas, if you have less than a week to travel. A week's vacation will open up destinations like the Caribbean, and depending on where you live you can even get to places like Hawaii, the South Pacific, or Europe. You will have a lot more options, if you can squeeze out ten days to two weeks. Furthermore, some areas have brief cruising seasons. If you are going to the Mediterranean, some ships cruise there year-round, but summer is the high season. If you decide to go to the tropics, you can make your cruise planning a little easier on you, because temperatures will not change much with the seasons. What does change is the amount of rainfall. The rainy season for most tropical places, like Hawaii and the Caribbean is in the winter, and the dry season is in the summer.

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