Cruise West

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cruise west into the sunset and live happily ever after! A trip to Hawaii, Polynesia or Tahiti is a sojourn in paradise. These islands cast a spell on you, which is why they say that once you have the sand of the South Pacific in your shoes, you'll always return.

Cruise West to Bali Hai

All right, Bali Hai is a fictional place. But when James Michener wrote his Tales of the South Pacific, he modeled Bali Hai on Bora Bora, an island that offers stunning natural beauty combined with the epitome of Polynesian culture. The lagoon, three times as large as the land area, is the treasure of the island, with crystal clear water inviting you to snorkel through the Coral Gardens, pet the friendly gray rays or just luxuriate on the sand.

Papeete is the principal port for Tahiti. Here you can watch pearl divers leap from sheer cliffs or take part in a Polynesian feast, complete with a thrilling show of dancing, drumming and fire displays. Cruise west to these magical, mystical archipelagoes and you will see why Gaugin left Paris!

If you don't want to go quite so far, cruise west from Southern California to Hawaii. The aloha spirit will make you feel welcome, and the sparkling beaches will make you feel like lazing. Of course, there's golf, scuba, paragliding, hiking and all sorts of activities if you feel more energetic. And don't forget the exquisite dining. You'll never be bored in Hawaii!

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