Cunard Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Cunard cruises sail to a wide variety of destinations in the North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Caribbean. Match your destination to one of their three liners--the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Elizabeth 2 or the Caronia--and you're on the right path for a dream vacation. The name Cunard has long been respected in the travel industry, and for good reason.

Cunard Cruises: Pick Your Destination

Destinations for Cunard ships are grouped into four main regions: the Americas, Transatlantic, Mediterranean and Europe/Scandinavia/Africa. The Americas cruise runs from Halifax to Brazil. Ports of call along the way include New Orleans, Miami, Jamaica, Barbados and Aruba. The Mediterranean cruise takes in Barcelona, Venice, Istanbul, Crete, Sicily and Lisbon. The six-day transatlantic crossing comprises Amsterdam, Boston, New York, Miami and Bermuda. And the final region includes St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Edinburgh, Amsterdam and Casablanca.

Cunard Cruises: Pick Your Ship

Transatlantic crossings, once the purview of the Queen Elizabeth 2, are now being handled by the Queen Mary 2, the largest ocean liner ever built. The Caronia and the Queen Elizabeth share the Mediterranean, Baltic, and Northern European routes. The Queen Mary is new, and the other two have been extensively refitted to provide the best accommodations for your cruise.

No matter what combination of ship and destination you might choose, you can be assured of Cunard's famed "White Glove Service." On some Cunard cruises there is an attendant for every two passengers! It's no wonder that travelers who are Cunard returnees sometimes make up 80% of the passenger list.

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