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Written by Anmy Leuthold
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You really haven't lived until you've taken advantage of discount cruise information on special cruise deals and booked a luxury cruise at affordable prices. More than any other vacation experience, cruises have the highest percentage of satisfied clients. Almost seven million people discovered all the delights of cruising last year, without spending an arm and a leg. Families, singles, groups couples, and honeymooners sailed away on the best cruise vacation values available.

The trick is to find bargains that are well below typical fares. In some cases, there are deals going for less than $100 per person, double occupancy, for each day of the cruise. Cruise rates generally include all meals, travel, and cabin stays, but extra expenses will apply, plus port fees, tipping, taxes, shore excursions and adult beverages. Most cruise line vacations will offer reduced rate airfares with transfers to and from the airport.

Discount Cruise Information for Great Bargains

Additional important discount cruise information: Except for the popular Holiday departures, most lines operating in the low seasons offer last-minute discounts. Keep in mind that weather complications can cause set backs in traveling to the port of embarkation, and in some instances, itineraries are changed to steer clear of harsh weather, but the reduced prices make these sporadic nuisances worthwhile. With children back in school and an increased chance of weather-related diversions, low season can be an ideal time to take cruise ship vacations. With cruise lines offering extreme discounts to fill cabins, and modern nautical technology allowing ships to avoid seasonal hurricanes, this is a wonderful time of year to take pleasure in an unplanned cruise vacation at reasonable rates.

You can search for deals online by firing up your web browser. Most cruise lines allow travelers to register for free e-mail cruise updates, and they always post last-minute deals on their own home pages. It's simple to compare prices and shop around at travel booking sites like Travelocity (, Expedia (, Priceline (, and Orbitz (, because they too sell reduce priced all inclusive cruises. You also can use a travel agent, who will assist you in narrowing down your options. Most importantly, read the fine print, before you pay, because usually there's no reimbursement for weather-related diversions or delays, and also think about buying trip cancellation insurance.

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