Disney Cruise Reviews

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Many Disney cruise reviews by vacationers that have experienced the wonder of it all, have proven that Disney cruise vacations are like being part of a magical world. Some find enjoyment in the infinite discoveries of travel. While others, adore the sheer freedom from obligations and responsibilities. Some passengers discover that the people are the heart and soul of this magical universe. The staff and crew are not only recognized for their true gift for friendship, but also for their know how and expertise. Likewise, the guests and passengers come from every walk of life, yet something about this wondrous environment brings everyone together.

For even the most doubtful travelers, any one of Disney cruise vacations will unfold a new kind of magic. Fashioned for the exceptional amusement and happiness of all kinds of guests, extraordinary experiences await you. On and off these enchanted ships of thrilling pleasure, from dance floors to massage tables to quiet spans of sun-drenched beaches, a world of romance, luxury, relaxation, and fun calls. You couldn't expect anything less from a company whose heart and soul is composed of leisurely delights. Excitement will come to you everywhere you go.

Disney Cruise Reviews From Faithful Passengers

You'll start to see a common theme as you read the Disney cruise reviews of those who have experienced the Disney Cruise Line. Couples and singles rave that they hardly even noticed any children on board, while families remark on how delightful the family activities are. A review from a pleased mother, Elaine Atkinson: "From the moment we boarded, we were treated like royalty. The ship was immaculate. The room adorable. Beds incredibly comfortable. I slept like a baby. lulled by the gently motion of waves, perhaps. I thought I'd feel trapped/confined, but no. So much space, and many areas to call your own. The attention to detail was incredible. The kid's program was phenomenal. The counselors were so patient, nurturing, and considerate. They truly gave their all to make this the vacation of the kids AND the parents' lifetimes."

A review from Lauren: "I'm just a kid, but I think that the cruise was awesome! Dining was great because if I didn't like something, the server would bring me something I liked. Desserts! Oh my gosh. Yummy! The pools are cool too! My parents went to Palo's and loved it. So you might want to go there. The islands are beautiful. Snorkeling is awesome too, although I am a bit afraid of fish. Well I just want to say, THE DISNEY CRUISE LINE IS TOTALLY AWESOME!"And a review from a delighted Ralph: "Disney knows how to do things right. It's venture into the cruise market was a good one and the Disney Magic was superb. From it's food and interesting dining rooms (you change every night) to its Broadway style productions, everything was superb in every way. As an adult, and a senior one at that, I highly recommend this cruise, especially if you like Disney and who doesn't. It's not just for kids and it's outstanding in every way. No exceptions! And wait till you see Disney's Castaway Cay...WOW! Do it! See it! You won't regret it."

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