Dream Vacations

Written by Sarah Provost
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Ask ten people to describe their fantasies, and you'll come up with ten different dream vacations. Are you the adventurous type, or would you prefer to be pampered? Do you long for exotic locales, or would you like to feel at home with the language and customs of your destination? That's the beauty of dream vacations: if you dream it, you can do it.

Dream Vacations for Everyone

The first thing you need to think about is, who's traveling? A family with young children? A couple on their honeymoon? Maybe it's a second honeymoon, with or without the kids. A gang of single friends out for fun in the sun? Or a single traveler with a yen for culture? No matter who you are or what it is you want, your dream vacation can be realized.

I have a friend who dreams of cruising to Alaska aboard an ice cutter, hiking on glaciers and photographing elk and caribou. And if he were to go somewhere warmer, he'd prefer to do it as part of the crew on a schooner, heaving-to like a real sailor. His dream vacations are very different from mine.

Frankly, I've worked and walked on ice enough that I prefer the sun. For me, the very word "cruise" brings up fantasies of lying by a pool or on a tropical beach, reading a good book and being brought liquid refreshments regularly. Later, I might decide to go get a massage or a manicure before dining and dancing the night away, with maybe a short stop at the casino. But that's my dream vacation. What's yours?

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