Europe Cruise Vacation

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Europe Cruise Vacation Delights

Picture yourself cruising the Mediterranean, stopping in Greece and Italy, basking in the warm sun while drinking local wine. Or would you prefer an Northern cruise to the land of the Vikings? European cruises offer you options available nowhere else. You can explore quiet villages or the City of Lights or stop in to a Byzantine mosque.

On your Europe cruise vacation, you might find yourself losing your sense of time. There's no rush, only lots and lots of time to enjoy and relax and absorb centuries of history. After a day of exploring, you can return to the ship to a glorious dinner, dancing, great music, movies, or just to relax and watch the sunset with a good companion.

Plan Your Europe Cruise Vacation

Planning your European cruise vacation can be fun. Think of the huge number of choices you have. You can depart from dozens of ports and travel to vastly different locales, so you will want to think in advance about what you want to see and do. Some things you will want to consider include the time of year you will be traveling. Do you like warmer weather, or would you choose a cooler climate if you could?

Are you thinking about spending most of your time on board ship, or would you prefer the opportunity to explore each country you visit? Do you enjoy guided tours, or is wandering around on your own more of an adventure for you? Do you want to see several different countries or just a couple with more extended stays? In Europe, you have your choice of all of the above, and your ports of call can include the Greek Islands, the Riviera, or the Baltic, and more. Once you have narrowed your choices to a reasonable few, you can start looking for rates and dates. Then you can book your cruise and relax.

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