European Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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There are cruises to Alaska and cruises to the South Seas--in fact, just about anywhere you'd like to go--but European cruises are in a class by themselves. Do you want to pack in ten countries in seven days, or would you prefer a leisurely exploration of one region, say the Greek Islands or the Scandinavian countries? And if you go, say, to Amsterdam, would you like to spend your time in the tulip fields, the museums or the folk festivals?

European Cruises: A New Look at the Old World

Pretty much the whole point of a tropical cruise is to lie on the beach with a mai-tai. European cruises, on the other hand, offer an incredible range of options and activities. There are beaches in plenty, of course, along the Riviera or on a secluded island in the Aegean. But Europe also offers a banquet of cultural delights.

La Scala, the Tate, St. Peter's Cathedral, and Michelangelo's David await you, as do the gardens of Tivoli and the Tower of London. Art, architecture, history, music: whatever your passion, European cruises offer you a way to bring your dreams to life. Many European cruises are designed around a specific theme. If you're interested in ancient literature, for instance, you might cruise to Greece and trace the path of the Odyssey, with seminars led by noted authorities on Homer. If you're curious about the origins of art, visit the cave paintings of Lascaux.

Of course, European cruises aren't just about culture and education. There's plenty of pampering and fun to be had onboard, from casinos to discos. And once you disembark, you could have your nose in a scholarly treatise while an oom-pah band plays in a German biergarten.

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