Fiji Vacations

Written by Sarah Provost
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If you're looking for soft tropical breezes, a full moon reflecting on gentle waves and palm trees swaying overhead, Fiji vacations will suit your fancy. The very name of Fiji conjures up "exotic," and "escape," or perhaps "beautiful girls in grass skirts with extremely mobile hips." Whatever Fiji means to you, it's a pretty safe bet you won't be disappointed.

Fiji is not just one island, but an archipelago. The largest island, Viti Levu, is almost as large as the Big Island of Hawaii and is home to 70% of Fiji's inhabitants. The western side of the island is referred to by the natives as "the burning West," which gives you some idea of the temperatures there. The eastern side, however, is cooler, greener and wetter, with as much as 100 inches of rainfall in a year.

There's More To Do on Fiji Vacations Than Loll on the Beach

Each of the Fiji islands has its own personality, from the garden island of Taveuni to the old whaling community on Ovalau. Fiji vacations offer delight to the naturalist, especially on the islands where exotic birds are rife. Sport enthusiasts will enjoy diving, surfing, snorkeling and all manner of water sports. Who knew that an international jazz festival is held in Fiji, or that Nadi boasts the largest Hindu shrine in the southern hemisphere? And there are always those beaches!

No discussion of Fiji vacations is complete without a mention of yaqona, a drink made from ground kava. This brew, which is nonalcoholic but has a relaxing effect, is found everywhere and offered freely. It is considered mannerly to accept it when offered, and to buy a round in return. It is also considered the appropriate gift for visitors to bring to their hosts.

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