Fly To Antarctica

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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To fly to Antarctica is the easy part of Antarctica trips. The world's major airlines fly into Buenos Aires, Argentina, or Santiago, Chile, and flights from there on DAP Airlines or other local airlines can take you closer to your embarkation point on Antarctica cruises. Passenger ships may embark from ports in the northern hemisphere for points south, but this is time-consuming, and most ocean cruises are relatively short.

For efficiency, a combination flight/cruise will get you to your destination in short order, so the majority of time is spent actually sailing the southern waters. If only a few days are available for touring, then visitors must fly to Antarctica. Trips are only last one-four days because of the severe weather and lack of comfortable accommodations.

Fly to Antarctica for an Overview

Although most visitors must fly to one destination in South America and then fly south again to reach their boat's departure point, they are on the water most of the sightseeing trip. The advantage of flying over southern islands and approaching Antarctica by air is the incredible perspective you get. If possible, a subsequent sea voyage would give you a new appreciation of the same lands you flew over.

For tourists to fly to Antarctica means to the Antarctica Peninsula, which is a long arm of ice that reaches toward Chile. This is the site of the most concentrated population of scientists, who staff the research stations of various countries. Strict rules and boundaries apply to visitations by tourists for their protection. In case of a rescue, there is a considerable expenditure of time, effort, and money. So those who must fly the rescue planes or do the crevass hauls caution tourists about the dangers of this White Continent.

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