Greek Island Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Greek island cruises run between the months of April and October, and there are a range of options offered varying from short boat trips to full luxury cruise vacations. Greece's extraordinary mixture of fascinating history and natural beauty makes a cruising holiday both stimulating and relaxing. Most cruise line vacations offer all-inclusive cruise vacation packages, with guest speakers versed in an array of topics from marine biology to archeology. Such cruise vacations tend to integrate the Greek islands into wide-ranging courses from Italy to the Middle East, or to the Black Sea.

Greece has always been a nation of seafarers and, with its thousands of miles of coastline and hundreds of islands, the sea has played an important part of the country. There are 1400 Greek islands of which 169 are populated so one can effortlessly find what one is looking for. Whether you want to get away to a private island or to an island full of entertainment and verve it is easily done through a cruise. There is no need for ferries, taxi boats, or hydrofoils, your ship will take you to whatever port of call that calls you, depending on what cruise route you have chosen.

What to Look Forward to on Greek Island Cruises

The fact that travelers go on Greek island cruises time after time, just confirms the islands' alluring, unique characteristics that defines it as a sunlit fairy tale or mythical reality. But its attraction is not simply colorful snapshots for your album or one of the many picture-postcard vistas. It is a sense of history, state of mind, a ride through a Mediterranean Arcadia, transformed into a contemporary Shangri-La. You'll frolic in the natural beauty and cultural riches of the Adriatic and Aegean Seas aboard any one of the deluxe cruise ship vacations.

There are many activities or cruise shore excursions to choose from. With hundreds of islands, crystal-clear waters and beaches of every kind, there are all kinds of water sports that can be enjoyed, such as windsurfing around the Ionian Islands, water-skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. But if you want a more leisurely vacation, you can always select from the many tranquil, beautiful beaches to be found on many of the islands. For those interested in Greece's glorious ancient past, tour some of the famous archeological sites: ruins, Venetian fortresses, Byzantine churches, caves, monasteries, accompanied by experienced and certified archeologists, can make for a interesting and unforgettable vacation. Or with Greece's colorful landscape, natural beauty, and renowned quality of stunning wildflowers, you need not be a botanist to enjoy exploring the blooming countryside, in a walker's paradise.

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