Group Vacations

Written by Diane Sievert
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Planning a group vacation? Want to secure a great deal? Group vacation packages are quite common for large groups of people. The more people you can book together, the lower your overall costs will be. Also, it's just more fun to go on a cruise with a bunch of your friends or family members!

Group Vacations Are the Smart Choice

Maybe you're planning a big family event. Or perhaps your company is looking for a way to reward its top employees. Whatever the basis, you'll find cruises offer amazingly affordable vacation packages for large groups.

Booking a group cruise is the best way to get the lowest per person rates. And because cruise lines like selling out their cabins, you'll find them happy to work with you. Some cruises even offer special benefits in addition to discounts for large groups. You may get group rates on all your activities to, which can bring the per-person cost down even more.

The next time you plan a group vacation, think about taking a cruise. Affordable vacation packages abound when it comes to booking cruises for groups, though you may want to contact a travel agent to negotiate a bit. So talk to your friends or coworkers, your church members or poker partners -- there's a great cruise waiting for you if you're willing to look for it.

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