Hawaii Cruise Vacations

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Ready to be pampered in every way possible as you visit one of South Pacific's biggest treasures, via one of the many Hawaii cruise vacations? You can be in the lap of luxury on any one of the vacation cruises featuring fine dining, sparkling entertainment, relaxing spas, invigorating dips in the pool, and all the while taking in breathtaking views of the intoxicating seven Hawaii isles. Send all your worries out to sea when you embark on a Polynesian voyage. Rejuvenate from your daily troubles, and enjoy a stress-free journey amongst a magnificent unspoiled paradise.

Clearly, West Coast people have an easier and shorter way to get to Hawaii. Flights from the East Coast normally connect in San Francisco and Los Angeles, which means a five or more hour flight added to the six hours it takes to arrive there from New York, for example. But when you step on board a cruise ship, you'll know that the trip was worth it. Remember, Christmas (Dec. 21 to Jan. 4) is the peak season, and will probably be more expensive. Summer is also a high time to go, because it's "family season." "Low season" is considered to be between Thanksgiving and mid-December and will provide the best bargains.

What Hawaii Cruise Vacations Can Offer

The ships cruising around Hawaii may be relaxing and beautiful, but they cannot compete with the striking splendors of these Polynesian islands. Hawaii is famous for their powder-white beaches; crystal clear, turquoise waters; exotic flora; and balmy weather. For many, even that would be enough to visit, but there is more to Hawaii than meets the eye. If you are willing to scratch beneath the surface, you can also dip your toes into the tropical, cultural renaissance that is available to you on each island. Get in touch with the history and archeology of it all, through Hawaii cruise vacations, excursions, and tours.

When you step off your ship, expect a large variety of cruise shore excursions waiting to be explored. There are high adrenaline adventures, sightseeing tours, fun in the sun for families with children, or you can unwind and discover the coves, the beaches and the blissful beauty that only the South Pacific holds. Ultimately, regardless of your cruise's itinerary, there are more options than you can cover in one visit.

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