Holland America Cruise Lines

Written by Sarah Provost
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Holland America Cruise Lines offers an extensive menu of destinations, sailing to seven different continents. In fact, they offer a world cruise that will take you to five of those continents in 108 days! Singapore, Sri Lanka, Cape Town, Bombay, Bali, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Istanbul--this cruise has it all! But if that sounds a little overwhelming--or your boss won't give you three months off--check out some of the other exotic cruises offered by Holland America.

From Alaska to Antarctica, Holland America Cruise Lines Can Take You There

Alaska and Yukon cruises are becoming extremely popular, and Holland America Cruise Lines is at the forefront. Twenty-five different cruise tours are offered in this area. Each includes a glacier expedition, and each has a Native Alaskan artist on board.

If you opt for someplace warmer, there are nineteen different itineraries for the Caribbean alone. Or you could choose from Hawaii, Mexico, the Mediterranean, South America, even the Panama Canal--either a shorter round-trip from Florida or a full-on coast-to-coast journey. You could even start cool and get warmer, on one of fifteen itineraries that take you down the Pacific Coast from Vancouver to Acapulco.

And then, of course, there's Europe: 45 itineraries to take you from castle to moor, canal to fjord. Choose from northern Europe, western Europe, the Mediterranean or Scandinavia, but whatever your destination, your accommodations will be luxurious and the service attentive. Holland America Cruise Lines can give you the most memorable trip of your life.

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