Kapitan Khlebnikov

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Kapitan Khlebnikov may sound like a character from a Russian novel, but, in fact, it is a polar class icebreaker that travels the waters around the Arctic and Antarctica. This extraordinary ship travels seas that cruise ships don't dare to enter. Tour ships must not exceed their safety limits, so they will not even approach an ice area where the changing tide and wind could entrap them.

The Kapitan Khlebnikov, however, plows ahead with its 24,000 horsepower into high-latitude waterways that are closed to conventional ships. Arctic and Antarctica expeditions onboard the icebreaker have been open to the public since this ship was refurbished to carry up to 112 passengers with 60 Russian officers and crew. Since 1991, this powerful ship has sailed to some of the world's most remote areas with passengers who desire a bit of adventure to their travel.

Kapitan Khlebnikov Services

This icebreaker is not akin to a freighter, however, it has many facilities for its passengers comfort. All cabins are outside, and occupants can open their portholes for cooler air. European chefs prepare international cuisine, and a European bartender tends to passenger requests for spirits, wine, and champagne.

The Kapitan Khlebnikov has two dining rooms, a lounge/library, lecture room, sauna, heated indoor swimming pool, exercise room, and a small medical clinic. Frequently, the ship is equipped with two helicopters for short jaunts, and Zodiacs for cruising and beach landings. Lucky passengers can also visit the bridge and engine room, and they always have access to the open decks that provide dazzling panoramas of Arctic and Antarctica travel.

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