Love Boat Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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The original Love Boat cruises you saw on the popular '70s and '80s television show was none other than one of Princess Cruises' very own luxury ships, the 640 passenger boat called the Pacific Princess. In its prime time, the Love Boat helped introduce the meaning of luxury cruise vacations to the millions of mainstream vacationers with its weekly episode of romance and fun on the high seas. The Pacific Princess of yore is no longer running, but there are many other current Princess Cruise vacations that have surpassed the long time popular, original Love Boat's excellence since. There is even a new and better Pacific Princess sailing the seven seas, waiting for you to discover romance all over again.

The series was such a hit, that more than 1,000 celebrities between 1977 to 1986 had "cruised" on the Princess's original Love Boat, including Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks, Ginger Rogers, John Ritter, Andy Warhol and many more. Since those early days, cruising has changed and in many ways, and are even more alluring and extravagant. In fact, Princess has built a fleet of ships whose amenities rival any coastal resort. Today, Princess cruise ships feature a scores of cabins with balconies, various cabaret and Broadway style theaters, casinos, impressive atriums, rejuvenating health spas, miniature golf putting greens, wedding chapels and more. Furthermore, passengers are offered an amazing array of choices in entertainment, fine dining, and fun filled activities, enabling people to custom tailor their holiday vacation to suit their own needs, while experiencing incredibly exotic destinations around the globe.

Love Boat Cruises on Princess Cruises

Everyone has his or her own view of what constitutes romantic. Maybe any alone time is automatically romantic, if you have children or if you both have tiring and demanding jobs or if you have loads of responsibilities and obligations. A luxury ship will chance your definition of romantic. Whether you're looking for a big city or a charming village, a secluded beach, for a dreamy picnic, or a bonding filled holiday, Princess cruise vacations are specifically designed to tug at your heart strings. Put another log on the fire with one of the many love boat cruises that are waiting to be discovered by you. On a cruise romance is mellifluous music, fine wine, luxurious ambiance, delectable food, and of course, privacy.

One of the best-known names in North American cruising is Princess Cruises. It presently runs a fleet of over 10 ships calling at hundreds of ports around the globe, with nearly 150 different itineraries. For couples that want to experience romance and love at sea, Princess Love Boat cruises will provide romantic backdrops that change at every port of call. Since 1998, when Princess ships introduced the "Tie the Knot" program, more than 1,000 wedding vows have been exchanged on board. It is one of the only at-sea wedding programs where couples can be married by the captain in international waters.

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