Luxury Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Enjoy a Luxury Cruise

What would you say if someone told you that you could enjoy a really luxurious cruise without the luxury cost? Sounds too good to be true? Well, just consider this; many cruise lines offer great cruise packages starting under $500. Upgrading to luxury class may not even double that amount. If you find a cruise discount site, you can sometimes save up to 75% of the original cost of the cruise.

Another important point to consider when you want to take a cruise and think you can't afford it is that your meals, drinks, and most other amenities aboard ship are included in the base price. This means that, unless you want to spend more money, you don't really have to. Of course, your cruise ship will have a ship store, probably a casino, and possibly other options that cost money, but there is enough to do and enjoy without ever spending another penny. You will, of course need to plan for shore excursions, but some of them may be included with your ticket.

What Is a Luxury Cruise?

If you want to take a special cruise, you should know a little about what constitutes luxury aboard a ship. First of all, many of the least expensive cruises include a lower deck inside cabin with no windows. I read on one cruise review that the writer didn't even feel as if he was at sea when he was in his room. A luxury cabin is one that has a port hole and room to walk around the bed. On some ships, a luxury cabin may even have a balcony.

A luxury cruise includes access to all ship's amenities at no extra charge. It might include an evening of dining at the Captain's table. It may also include access to some clubs or or services that are not available to everyone on the ship, but will most likely only include extra amenities you select in advance. Most cruises include day spas, personal trainers, on board first-run movies, children's activities, dancing lessons, and aerobics classes as part of the general fare.

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