Luxury Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Luxury cruises have undergone a huge change in the last several years. At one time, the first thing you thought of when you thought "cruise" was "shuffleboard." For many years, luxury cruises were populated almost exclusively by the wealthy and the elderly.

Luxury Cruises for Every Type of Traveler

Today, you're every bit as likely to find a rock-climbing wall aboard a cruise ship as you are to find a shuffleboard court. Your fellow passengers will represent all ages, from small children to senior citizens. And cruises, even luxury cruises, have become so much more affordable that they are no longer restricted to the very wealthy.

What's your definition of luxury? There is certain to be a cruise that will fulfill it. Spa facilities, gourmet dining and elegant entertainment are still available. But so are high-quality gyms, shore excursions in challenging environments, and classes offering college credits! Today's cruise ships are like small cities on the sea, with just as wide a range of options.

Not only do luxury cruises today offer a wide variety of amenities, but they also offer a range of options within the traditional categories. Meals, for instance, used to be very formal in both dress and demeanor. Passengers ate on a strict schedule and were seated according to assignment. Today's traveler can choose from a wide variety of eating environments, from the formal and traditional to the very casual. They eat what they choose, where they choose, and when they choose.

Luxury cruises have become family affairs

In the past, luxury cruises were almost completely restricted to retirees who had the time and the financial resources to travel widely and in style. These days, you might just as easily find whole families, from toddlers to grandparents, traveling together to celebrate the holidays, or just for a family vacation. Luxury cruises have become much more affordable, for one thing, so the whole family can go.

Today's cruise ships also offer family-style amenities. Babysitting is always available. There are countless activities for children, such as swimming lessons, arts and crafts, movies and games. In addition, the less formal style of dining makes it much easier for families with small children.

Booking Your Cruise Online

Whatever kind of cruise appeals to you, you can find it online. Destinations range from the South Seas to Alaska, from a weekend down the coast to a trip around the world. You can opt for a challenging adventure cruise or be pampered in a sybaritic heaven. You can be educated, physically trained or entertained. It's all up to you.

So sit back in your chair and start dreaming. Wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do, there's a cruise that will meet your needs. And once you've decided what those are, embark on your cruise and set sail!

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