Mediterranean Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Enjoy a Mediterranean Cruise

Smart tourists who want to see the Mediterranean often opt for a cruise rather than a land trip. One advantage of doing the Mediterranean by sea is that you avoid all of the hassles you would encounter if you land in, say, Athens, and plan to travel to a dozen cities. If you would rather have most of your days planned with time for individual excursions, you will really enjoy the structure and freedom of a cruise.

For example, your cabin on the ship is available to you every night. You never have to worry about finding a suitable hotel. You don't even have to pack and unpack as you go. In fact, while you're sleeping or enjoying the ship's nightlife, it will be cruising to your next destination. You will already know that the food on board ship is great, and, what's more, it's included in your fee.

The Absolutely Spectacular Mediterranean

Your Mediterranean cruise will take you to some of the most spectacular and enchanting places in the world. Steeped in history, surrounded by romance, and almost unbearably beautiful, the Mediterranean has long been the vacation Mecca for Europe's elite. There you will be able to sit on the stones of a Greek amphitheater or walk where gladiators fought.

You can ride a camel across the sands where the Pharoahs ruled. You can see Venice, Istanbul, Rhodes, and Athens, and then you can dive deep into the blue water to see if you will be the one to discover lost Atlantis. A Mediterranean cruise will introduce you to the beauty of the oldest Western civilizations and the heart of the people who live there today.

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