Mediterranean Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Mediterranean cruises usually run between the months of April and October, and there are a range of options offered varying from short boat trips to full luxury cruise vacations. Most cruise line vacations offer all-inclusive cruises, with guest speakers versed in an array of topics from marine biology to archeology. Such cruise vacations tend to also integrate the Greek islands into wide-ranging courses around the Mediterranean Sea area. The Mediterranean's extraordinary mixture of enthralling history and natural beauty makes a cruising holiday both thought-provoking and peaceful.

From the beginning of civilization to today, cruisers have discovered and explored the Mediterranean Sea and Southern Europe, and their many surrounding islands and coastal cities. In fact, these areas are connected primarily by the sea, and much of their commerce, history, and traditions encompass their origins in those very waters. In their own time, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Saint Paul, Cleopatra, Marco Polo and millions of others had crossed those now historically rich waters. You can do the same.

Mediterranean Cruises Are Historical Havens

The Mediterranean is a favorite beach spot for travelers. Crystal-blue waters ebbing and splashing against the beaches of the Riviera. Palm trees dancing in the sea breeze. And the weather is not the only exotic aspect of the Mediterranean. Feel beneath your feet, the sands of the Holy Land. Smell freshly pressed olive oil from the mounts of Italy. In the streets of Casablanca, hear the rebab, a stringed Moroccan instrument. In Istanbul, taste a real shish kebab. Witness the ruins of the origin of Western Civilization. Mediterranean cruises will tickle all your senses, whether you are relaxing or exploring.

Eastern Mediterranean/Aegean Sea cruises visit ports of call in Turkey, Greece and islands such as Santorini, Rhodes, Crete, and Mykonos. Ships cruising this itinerary on seven-day cruises often depart from Piraeus (Athens), or Istanbul, though some longer journeys sail from ports farther west. Western Mediterranean/Southern Europe ships cruise amid the villages and cities of Southern Europe from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Adriatic, including Naples, Venice, Genoa, and Rome, Monaco, Monte Carlo, St.-Tropez, Barcelona, and a bunch of others.

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