Mediterranean Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Mediterranean cruises offer perfect vacations at any time of year. Head for sun-drenched islands or tour cool cathedrals in summer. Spend April in Paris and fall in love again. How about Christmas at Corfu, or autumn in Provence?

Mediterranean cruises give you the best of several different worlds

If it's beaches you want, you can loll on the sands of Nice or St. Tropez. Are you a culture vulture? Head for the Lido or La Scala. History buffs can visit Athens, the cradle of civilization, or walk the streets of ancient Rome. If it's excitement you want, the casinos of Monte Carlo are for you, and if you crave the exotic, wander the souks of Istanbul. Or maybe you just want to feel the Tuscan sun on your face, drink ouzo at a Greek cafe or buy boots of Spanish leather.

It's not surprising that there has been a boom recently in books and films focused on the Mediterranean. The timeless appeal of olive trees, lavender fields and sun-drenched meadows is not to be denied. Perhaps no other area provides such a wealth of both natural beauty and cultural depth.

Mediterranean cruises are the perfect way to visit the area. You can roam from country to country, from beach to rugged seaside cliff without having to constantly pack and unpack, worry about reservations or hustle to make connections. It's absolutely idyllic. Mediterranean cruises let you lie back and relax and take in the glory of sea and skies.

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