New England Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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Lucky for us, many cruise lines offer New England cruises. There's a whole lot to see along the northern east coast, and a wide variety of itineraries and vessels to take you there. You can go for a two-day cruise aboard a 50-passenger sailing ship or travel for a week or more on a floating resort.

Three Seasons of New England Cruises

If you've read or seen The Perfect Storm, you know why pleasure boats don't ply the northern waters in winter. But from early spring through late autumn, New England offers up its treasures. Lilac time in Massachusetts is not to be missed, when the world is fresh-risen from winter in all its cheerful color. Enjoy Martha's Vineyard or Cape Ann before the crowds arrive.

Hit the wild coasts of Maine in high summer, when you'll appreciate the cool breeze as you enjoy your clambake on the beach. Lobster, clams, corn, potatoes, all covered with seaweed and steamed. Go ahead, let the butter drip off your chin. Stand atop the cliff at Thunder Hole when the tide comes in--it hits the back of a water-carved tunnel with such force that it shakes the ground and rivals any thunderclap you've ever heard.

Autumn is perhaps the best season of all for New England cruises. All along the coast, trees blaze in their scarlet, crimson, bronze and amber brilliance. And New England cruises let you enjoy it all without the hassle of other modes of travel. Just sit back, sip a cup of hot cider, and watch the leaves go out in glory.

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