North Pole Trips

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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North Pole trips can be short and safe, or a real test of fortitude and survival skills. The "short and safe" part would be aboard a stalwart icebreaker, such as the Kapitan Khlebnikov, that penetrates the Arctic pack ice and places you within skiing distance of the geographic North Pole. Although the sea trip takes a while, the actual land trek is minimized.

Arctic expeditions aboard the North Pole icebreakers are both comfortable and daring. These Russian icebreakers have been outfitted to carry up to 112 passengers and provide them with fine dining and spirits, as well as other comforts that make for a pleasant journey through inhospitable seas and ice fields. Carrying passengers into the heart of the frozen Arctic Ocean by means of their icebreaking abilities means these ships are able to go where cruise ships cannot.

North Pole Trips for the Brave

On the other hand, there are those explorers who want to try and reach the North Pole without support, meaning with only supplies pulled by the skier on a sled. They can launch their adventure from Russia or Canada, but the life-threatening dangers from the weather remain the same. Illusions of solid landforms, created by "black skies" or "water sky" that are actually reflections of open water below the shadow, can be extremely dangerous.

North Pole trips require months of physical and mental conditioning, and extremely well thought-out plans for gear, food, and safety. Adventurers making these North Pole trips must be ready to cope with many hazards, but two stand out as particularly dangerous. Ice drift can cause ice to travel miles in one night, and encounters with polar bears can be deadly.

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