Oceania Cruise Lines

Written by Sarah Provost
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Oceania Cruise Lines offers a very specific cruise experience as they carve out a distinctive niche for themselves. Their two luxury ships, the Regatta and the Insignia, carry fewer than 700 passengers. The smaller size and the excellent staff-to-guest ratio ensure a cruise experience that is intimate and attentive.

Oceania has set its sights on a particular type of passenger, a sophisticated traveler who enjoys longer cruises and lots of enrichment. Most passengers are in their 30s or older. Children under twelve are not allowed, and parents must be entirely responsible for older children, as there are no facilities like those provided on family cruises.

The ambience onboard is "country club casual," relaxed and comfortable. Guests can choose from open seating at several onboard restaurants. And the food is one of the primary attractions for Oceania Cruise Lines, with Master Chef Jacques Pepin overseeing some of the finest dining on the sea.

Oceania Cruise Lines Goes Everywhere You Want To Go

Oceania is a true transatlantic carrier. From its home base in Florida, it sails to Western Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic, the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Other destinations include the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico, including passages through the Panama Canal to the western coat of the United States and trips up the Amazon. From five-star cuisine to exotic ports of call, Oceania Cruise Lines is truly a great choice for the sophisticated traveler.

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