Panama Canal Cruises

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Panama Canal, 8th Wonder of the World

Building the Panama Canal changed the face of the world. This monumental folly turned into a huge success when engineers and construction crews actually managed to connect two oceans. Two oceans! Not only did the canal change the face of the planet, it changed the economic structure of most of the world as well.

Today, visitors travel to the area just to see the canal. Panama Canal cruises begin in places like Fort Lauderdale, Florida, with stops in such exciting cities as Cartagena, Columbia; Puerto Limon, Costa Rica; and Grand Cayman Island. You can elect to sail on a huge cruise ship with 1,000-plus cabins or a small ship with one-tenth of the cabins, but with larger cabins and even some with balconies.

Panama Canal Cruises Info

Depending on which type of ship you take, you will visit a different variety of ports. Obviously, the larger ships need deeper ports, so they visit larger cities. The smaller ships allow you to see what are perhaps more interesting ports where there are fewer tourists. There you will have the opportunity to enjoy more of the real local color and flavor.

Don't forget the incredible experience of cruising the Panama Canal itself. Many cruise lines offer Panama Canal cruises, and they can be surprisingly affordable, especially if you book well in advance. Either way, you will enjoy the exotic Yucatan Peninsula and the fantastic architecture of ancient cathedrals and modern plazas.

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