Panama Canal Cruises

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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One of the most popular ways to visit the Panama Canal is through Panama Canal cruises. Cruises offer delectable dinners, pampered relaxation, dazzling entertainment, remarkable ports of call and captivating tours of the canal and its history leading up to its completion. Most major cruise lines feature various itineraries and cruise vacations for the Panama Canal. With 40 scheduled departures per season, the Princess cruise vacations lead the pack as far as number of voyages.

Every traveler should experience a Panama Canal cruise at least once in his/her lifetime. Exciting escapades abound, embracing places such as the natural beauty of Costa Rica, the exotic Yucatan Peninsula, and the Cartagena plazas and cathedrals. But the most extraordinary of all is the Panama Canal itself. The Panama Canal has been considered an amazing feat of engineering since it's opening in 1914. It is celebrated all over the world as one of man's greatest accomplishments.

Open Your Eyes with Panama Canal Cruises

With all the Panama Canal cruises out there, an amazing experience awaits you on your voyage to the exotic. Uncover historically breathtaking ports of call in Costa Rica, Mexico and the Caribbean. White powdered beaches, azure waters, Mayan ruins, tropical forests, coral reefs, interesting wildlife, vivid histories of adventurers and pirates, duty free shopping for emeralds, beguiling national treasures, all await you. Also, the fact that the Canal cuts through a jungle, allows you to experience what a jungle really looks like, and from the safety of your ship.

The biggest choice you'll have to make on a Panama Canal cruise is whether to decide on the customary "Transcanal" experience, which means you will cross from ocean to ocean, spending a whole day on the Canal. The greater part of cruise line vacations still follow this option. But, Princess cruise ship vacations also propose "Partial Crossings," in which the ship does not cross the whole Canal. Rather, the ship lets passengers off in the town of Gamboa after having crossed through one lock. From there, passengers can take pleasure in a multitude of cruise shore excursions and take in attractions they otherwise wouldn't witness on a day-long crossing.

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