Premium Cruises

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Premium Cruises for Special Events

If you're interested in taking a serious luxury cruise, you will want to explore the option of finding a premium cruise at a discount price. This may not be as hard to accomplish as you might expect. You have a tool that has made saving money on travel a national sport. Right here on the Internet, you can find a terrific cruise for far less than you might have imagined.

Let's define a premium cruise. First of all, it is certainly a cruise that includes all of the amenities. This means an upper deck cabin, possibly with a balcony, on a top-rated ship with a top-rated cruise line. Some cruise lines make most of their money catering to shorter cruises to relatively common destinations. Others focus on the ultimate in luxury and more exotic destinations.

Booking Premium Cruises

You may have heard the names of some of the cruise lines that focus on premium cruises: Holland America, Disney, Celebrity, Princess, and Royal Caribbean are just of few of them. Princess, for example, carries more than 700,000 passengers each year and is one of the world's largest cruise lines. If you loved "The Love Boat," you may love a cruise on the line that owned the original boat.

Disney Cruise Lines, of course, offers exceptional cruises for families. In addition to fine dining and dancing, Disney quality service, and exceptional entertainment, this line also provides exciting activities for teens and young children. Holland America sails its ships into exotic ports, including Antarctica. In 2001, Holland was rated the "World's Best" according to Travel & Leisure magazine. Remember that you can find great discounts on a premium cruise on all of these lines by doing a little research on the Internet.

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