Princess Cruise Ships

Written by Sarah Provost
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Princess cruise ships--wow, where to begin? With fourteen ships in the fleet and more being added, your choices are extensive. Each ship has her own personality, with amenities, activities and even design elements tailored to her itinerary.

The Caribbean Princess, for instance, was the new kid on the block--at least until June 2004, when the Sapphire Princess made her debut. The Caribbean Princess goes where her name implies. One of her special features is the 300-square-foot movie screen by the pool on the top deck. Here you can reserve a chaise lounge, sip a movie-themed cocktail and watch up to three feature films a day, along with sports and other entertainment.

The Diamond Princess is the largest of the Princess cruise ships, and the largest ship at the Port of Los Angeles. She went into service in March 2004 and makes weekly cruises to the Mexican Riviera and other ports of call on the west coast. Among her amenities are an art gallery, a 24-hour bistro, an internet cafe with 29 stations, a nine-hole putting course and two computerized golf simulators.

Princess Cruise Ships: What's Your Pleasure?

Princess cruise ships come in three classes. The Grand Class, which includes the Caribbean, Diamond and Sapphire, comprises the largest ships, accommodating more than 2,600 guests. The Sun Class includes midsize ships, seating just under 2,000. And the Royal Class ships are smaller and more intimate, with fewer than 700 passengers. When you take into account the choices offered under the "Personal Choice Cruising" program, you can see that you're in for a custom cruise!

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