Princess Cruise Tours

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Princess Cruise tours offer a multitude of dining selections, nightly entertainment options with as many as three different theaters, and staterooms with private balconies than any other ship. These are ships for people who expect to get the world, and the world is what they get. Destinations abound with sunny playgrounds like the Mexican Riviera, the Caribbean and Panama Canal, the exploration of Europe and the Holy Land, and the serene beauty of Alaska. Enjoy exotic voyages like Africa, Cape Horn, South America, India, the Orient and the South Pacific. Princess cruise vacations are any traveler's dream come true.

Starting with a modest, one ship cruising to Mexico in 1965, the Princess Cruise Line has grown to be fleet of luxury. Today, Princess Cruise tours has grown to be one of the three largest cruise lines in the world. Now it celebrates itself by sailing to more worldwide cruise destinations and its fleet of over 10 ships, carries approximately 1.5 million passengers a year, more than any other major line. Offering more than 150 itineraries varying from seven to 72 days, the Princess sails to six continents and calls at more than 220 ports around the globe.

Let the World Come to You with Princess Cruise Tours

The Princess', observation areas, decks, and generous floor-to-ceiling windows are ideal for touring and observing the world. Also, Princess cruise tours features more than 1,000 activities and in-port tours throughout 6 continents. The ship line is growing allowing passengers to fuse their cruise with a complete land tour in such places as China, Europe, India, Africa, Australia , Alaska and the northeastern U.S. In other areas, Princess' Cruise tour program enables passengers to prolong their vacation with tours and hotel stays in some of the world's most metropolitan cities.

What do you look for in cruise ship vacations? A stylish, warm atmosphere where a host of pampering professionals put passenger comfort above all else? A retreat free from the worries and cares of traditional travel or every day life? An extraordinary place where one can unwind amidst sparkling pools, place a bet in the casino, try out a new dance step, and meet new friends? In a fleet that ranges from ultimate to intimate, the Princess cruise ships are considered to be more than transportation. They are enchanting, floating cities that will tend to all your wants and needs.

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