Scandinavia Russia Cruise

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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Take an Extraordinary Scandinavia Russia Cruise

Sometimes you can get more cruise on a smaller ship. There are, in fact, many mid-sized ships that cater to people who don't like crowds or tiny cabins. These smaller ships can also take you to special places where the bigger ships can't go. One unique such cruise will take you up the coasts of Scandinavia while another will take you to the historic cities of the Baltic.

Visit magical cities of mystery, cities once barred behind a curtain of iron, cities that were home to the Czars of Russia. A stop in St. Petersburg alone is a trip worth taking. The city is steeped in history, dotted with glorious fountains, and filled with priceless treasures in museums and palaces. Truly, your Scandinavia-Russia cruise will take you to exotic places you never dreamed you'd see.

More to See

As part of such a cruise, you can follow the impressive Norwegian fjords, rimmed with quaint cities dating from the Middle Ages. Or you can stop in the new nations of Latvia and Estonia, both of which have survived centuries of domination to emerge as fiercely independent republics that welcome visitors.

Add to these the wonder of Budapest and the beauty of the 1,700-mile Danube River, cobblestone streets, and glorious ancient cathedrals. You can take a winter or spring cruise, an escorted cruise with a professional guide in port, or you can travel independently in port with whatever level of support you want. These cruises are nowhere near as expensive as you might think. Check out special deals, tour packages, and more, and you can find the right Northern cruise for your adventure and your budget.

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