Seniors Cruise

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Millions of people over 60 years of age choose to take a seniors cruise for the desire to travel with the ease of movement, accommodating service, amazing itineraries, fine dining, and its all inclusive nature. With a variety of onboard programs, many cruise line vacations cater to the older market with services such as enrichment lectures, gentleman hosts, facilities for the disabled, medical facilities, special diets, and those who want to bring their grandkids along, they have programs for that as well. A cruise makes for a retiring paradise, because it emphasizes relaxation and the quality and ease of life on a ship.

Every cruise line attracts different tastes and age groups. For example, Celebrity Cruises, and Princess Cruise vacations normally cater to the older travelers in the reasonably priced cruise group, and Crystal Cruises cater to the older travelers in the luxury cruise vacations group. Moreover, Cruising is a wonderful way for grandparents to bridge the generation gap with their grandchildren. Grandparents can spend the day lounging by the pool, gamboling in the casino, or listening to a lecture, while the grandkids can partake in supervised kid's activities. Then everyone can get together at for dinner, for quality family time.

How a Seniors Cruise Can Cater to Your Needs
There are many different aspects of a seniors cruise that can serve an older person's everyday purpose. Many cruise vacations have introduced a "gentleman host" program, in the hopes of improving the cruise experience for single, female, senior guests. They serve as companions and accompany these ladies throughout the trip. Also, every ship offers deck lecturers to impart details and history about each port. Many people are on a special diet, and cruises understand this, that is why today's ships incorporate a lighter food section on their menu. Should you have any special dietary needs, make sure you notify your Maitre d' and cruise agent.

Passengers are also persuaded to let their cruise agent know about any medical needs before setting sail. Thus, should they become necessary, the ship can stock up on the right medications. All cruise ships are fully prepared with both a doctor and medical facilities. Nowadays, disabled travelers have excellent facilities on cruise ship vacations. While facilities may vary by cruise line, and the newer ships are usually more prepared than older ones, most ships have wheelchair elevators, accessible staterooms, and ramps.

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