Singles Cruise Vacations

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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For any single person who is hesitating about singles cruise vacations, know that cruising is the best way for a single person to travel. No other form of travel comes up with as many occasions to make friends and meet people. And better yet, no other international form of vacationing will feel as secure, safe, and stress-free. And it works whether you are old or young, interested in small ships or big ships, a woman or man, luxury cruises or adventure cruise vacations. Furthermore, many cruise lines are now catering to the large market of individuals who want to cruise solo in innovative and exciting ways.

There are a number of ways you can embark on cruise ship vacations as a single: you can go with several companions or one other person; you can go totally alone; or you can go in a cruise package, with a tour group exclusively targeted for singles. Some cruise lines and websites will match people with you, if you can't find a companion to share a cabin with. Most cruise lines have cruise vacations focused on singles with unique programs just for single passengers, but with others on board too.

The Details of Singles Cruise Vacations

Singles cruise vacations, only just for singles do not exist, but if you're searching for other single passengers to socialize with and a cheerful ambiance, large ships sailing to the Bahamas, Caribbean, or Mexico, for seven nights or fewer, usually have many singles on board. Carnival may be the right choice for you, if you are looking for a party environment. Try the Royal Caribbean or Norwegian, if you want something a little bit more high-end. On every cruise, making friends can be as easy as participating in the many ship activities and cruise shore excursions. Some cruise lines cater to single passengers by arranging special get-togethers. Many cruise lines will make extraordinary efforts for you to feel comfortable, but ultimately the atmosphere on a ship is always social.

Many cruise lines hold a few cabins on a "single share" basis, such as Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and the Royal Caribbean International. This means the single passenger consents to share a cabin with another same sex, single guest and pays the double occupancy, per person, price. The solo passenger will still pay the double occupancy, per person, price, if the cruise line cannot get a cabin-mate for you. At an additional charge, some cruise lines will offer a small number of cabins specially assigned for single passengers. These cabins are only offered on some sailings. For detailed benefits and prices of single-passenger cabins, please consult a Cruise Agent.

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