South Pacific Cruise Vacations

Written by Anmy Leuthold
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Feel all your worries melt away when you step on board any one of the South Pacific cruise vacations. Islands adorned in emerald green foliage, beckon you like singing sirens from across vast expanses of water. Their names alone are overflowing with magical romance. Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea, to name a few, induce soothing pictures of supple beaches, enveloped with lush trees and delicate island flowers. After pampering yourself on a luxurious cruise, continue your indulgence on shore, where you can go golfing, bask in the sun, go snorkeling or shopping. The discoveries are as diverse as the scenery is breathtaking. This heavenly paradise is a spot unlike anywhere else in this world.

The great distances between each isolated islands, reflect the ecosystems of the South Pacific. Many of the fauna and flora were established by settlers and are not indigenous. The migration of animals and plants developed, as human communities flourished. The climate in the South Pacific is tropical, but temperate. With little seasonal changes, temperatures tend to be constantly high. The main distinguishing weather characteristics are the wet and dry seasons. When planning cruise vacations south of the equator, keep in mind that the wet season is from November to April, and the dry season runs from May to October. When traveling north of the equator, this pattern is inverted.

Romantic South Pacific Cruise Vacations

The islands of the South Pacific generally constitute the regions south of Hawaii. Thousands of islands, some remote, some inhabited, dot the Pacific Ocean. Since Western discoverers first landed, the region has satisfied dreams of secluded island paradise. Today, South Pacific cruises continue to be a fashionable way of traveling, allowing travelers the chance to soak up several different islands in one voyage. Inviting waters, occupied by marine life and coral, tease the shores with ebbing rituals. And in many areas, life goes on at the same calm and peaceful pace as it has for decades. Far-flung islands can be reached with small ship travel, an ideal way to experience each beautiful isle. For thousands of years, islanders have appreciated visiting neighboring islands. Cruise the South Pacific on a romantic journey, and you can do the same.

Tropical fish in turquoise lagoons, sheltered and remote palm fringed beaches, small island resorts with incredibly beautiful accommodations, and perpetual sunshine and blue skies are what South Pacific honeymoon getaway cruises are made of. You'll discover great swimming holes, garlanded with perfumed flowers and lush jungle plants, and verdant rainforests with cascading waterfalls. Or just join your sweetheart in an invigorating romp along the white-sanded beaches in absolute harmony. Each island has so much to offer, therefore deciding on which to visit can be very tricky. Before taking on any one of the South Pacific cruise vacations, research each island, and find out what appeals to you the most, so you can experience the ultimate romantic holiday.

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