South Pacific Cruises

Written by Sarah Provost
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South Pacific cruises can take you to an amazing variety of destinations, but all of them are tropical Edens. Until they begin to investigate, I think many people are unaware of the exotic ports of call available to them. There's Tahiti, of course, but have you considered Papua New Guinea or New Caledonia? How about Samoa, Tonga, or the Solomon Islands?

What is generally regarded as the "South Pacific" comprises thirteen nations on 3,300 islands spread over eleven million square miles. You could go on South Pacific cruises for a lifetime and not see it all! The natural beauty, of course, is a primary reason for visiting. Pristine beaches, heart-stopping waterfalls, distinctive flora and fauna are all part of the South Pacific experience, as are the many sports and activities available.

South Pacific Cruises Take You into the Heart of Another Culture

And "heart" is the operative word here. The people of the South Pacific are considered to be one of the most gracious, gentle cultures on earth. Native culture is still a vibrant part of life on the islands, and these people are glad to share their customs and celebrations with you.

Although "living in the moment" is part of the delight of the islands, there is a rich history there as well, and much of it is still a part of daily life. From the mud dancers of Papua New Guinea to the standing stones that are Tonga's answer to Stonehenge, the mystical life of these fabled islands is still very much alive. It's no wonder that so many writers and artists have chosen to live and create here. South Pacific cruises can let you share in this heaven on earth.

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